Three women - women's health physiotherapy.
Women’s health

Get help with safe pre/post natal exercise. We can treat and provide advice on prenatal/postnatal safe exercises, urinary/faecal issues, post-birth injuries, back and pelvic pain, postnatal abdominal and diastasis recti rehabilitation, and more.

Our women’s health services are not just for mothers! For most issues there is absolutely something that can be done about your symptoms so please contact us if you would like more information.

Sports team services and care, like rugby league teams.
Sports team care

A range of services are available to help manage your sports team’s injuries and get your players back in the game as quickly as possible.

Prevention is better than cure so why not start with injury prevention and request a pre-season physical screening for your team! Based on the assessment findings, a unique programme is formulated for each player to correct muscle imbalances, improve performance and reduce the chance of injury/re-injury.

Leg massage physiotherapy.
Injury management

We provide skillful assessment and treatment of a variety of injuries including back/neck pain, sports injuries, headaches, overuse injuries and muscle imbalance.

Help is also on hand even if you are just feeling sore, ‘tight’ or simply want to improve your posture.

Post-surgical rehabilitation at Physio4me.
Post-surgical rehabilitation

Evidence-based rehabilitation protocols are used to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible post-surgery.

‘Pre-hab’ programmes are used to prepare you for surgery. The aim is to optimise your pre-surgical strength and function to improve your post-surgical outcomes, and get you back to doing what you love sooner.

Clinical pilates

Pilates principals are used alongside traditional physiotherapy assessment and treatment to formulate a tailor-made strengthening programme.

Pregnancy and postnatal pilates is an area of special interest, and can really enhance your post-natal recovery.

Newborn baby foot - pre and post natal care physiotherapy.
Prenatal & postnatal care

Learn how to exercise safely during and after pregnancy, and get advice on correct feeding posture or lifting techniques.

We can also assist you in managing pregnancy-related issues, for example, back and pelvic pain, postural and overuse pain, and abdominal and pelvic floor muscle weakness.

Neck massage physiotherapy.
Workplace injury management

We provide experienced work-related injury management and rehabilitation, as well as liaising with your WorkCover case manager, General Practitioner (GP)/specialists and return-to-work coordinator to help ensure a smooth transition back to work.

Occupational health and safety that can be provided by physiotherapists.
Occupational health

This includes occupational health services such as ergonomic workstation assessments, task analyses, work site assessments, job dictionaries and injury prevention programmes.

Dry needling or acupuncture for physiotherapy.
Dry needling/acupuncture

We use dry needling or acupuncture throughout most our services as needed.