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Exciting news at Physio4Me… I recently completed my women’s health certification! I have a passion for women’s health, particularly because I am a woman.
Exciting news at Physio4Me… II am now a registered women’s health physiotherapist! I have a passion for women’s health, particularly because I am a woman.

Since becoming a mother, I’ve gained more awareness about the issues that women are facing in this area, and how there are options to help them that they may not be aware of. Unfortunately, many women often feel embarrassed to talk to someone about it.

Completing post graduate training in this area, has significantly enhanced my knowledge about mothers who are concerned about pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain, safe exercises during pregnancy (especially if you have a pregnancy complication) and management and rehabilitation following birth injuries or trauma, such as tearing, stretching and differences to your vagina. I can also help mothers with postnatal abdominal rehabilitation and diastasis recti rehabilitation. Finally, I can give you advice regarding a safe return to exercise following the birth of your baby (returning to sport, running, heavy weight lifting, etc.).

I can also help women with any urinary or faecal incontinence (leaking urine when you cough or jump), frequency (you aren’t happy with how often you need to go to the toilet), urgency (you get a very strong and sudden urge to go to the toilet) or constipation (straining and taking a long time to defecate). It’s important for people to know that any woman can have issues in this area – not just mothers (however, mothers are more prone).

My goal in completing my women’s health certification is to create a comfortable and confidential environment where women feel comfortable to seek help for their problems.

For most issues, there is absolutely something that can be done to improve your symptoms – sometimes significantly! If you would like to discuss your options with me, please book in for a confidential consultation.


By Inge McPherson, Principal Physiotherapist, Physio4me

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